A powerful book that shows the evolution of a new kind of global technology powerhouse – one with roots in East and West – The Lenovo Way is indispensable reading for leaders and managers who deal with strategy, innovation, branding, and HR at any kind of company. It also tells the remarkable story of how two women from very different backgrounds rose to become leaders in Lenovo’s groundbreaking journey to the top.

The Lenovo Way shows leaders how to gain market share and develop new business models. The strategies driving Lenovo’s ascent to the leading position in the PC industry have been in motion for years, and this book shows how Lenovo did it. Written by two high-level female executives at Lenovo and based on unprecedented access to former and present CEOs and other top executives, The Lenovo Way tells the fascinating story of the rise of this remarkable global brand. More importantly, it provides invaluable business lessons for how to use Lenovo’s success strategies to advance your own company’s success.


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The Authors

Gina Qiao and Yolanda Conyers use their experience and hard-won wisdom to provide key insights into the topics most critical to leaders of global businesses. The authors explore all the major turning points: from building an iconic brand to streamlining supply chains to making the transition from a core business of PCs to a new business model including innovative tablets, smartphones and servers.

Gina Qiao

Known for her wit and humility, Gina Qiao is a powerful role model for female executives striving for excellence in their respective fields. The eighth-highest-ranking female executive in China according to Fortune China, in many ways, Gina’s steady climb from secretary to C-suite of the largest personal computer- seller in the world reflects the extraordinary growth story of both China and Lenovo.

Gina started her Lenovo career as a secretary in 1990 and rose steadily through the corporate ranks to her current position as senior vice president of human resources, which she has held since 2011.

In her current role, Gina is responsible for Lenovo-China’s mobile business group, including product development, strategy and mobile business group operations. Previously, Gina has held various leadership roles in human resources, marketing, corporate strategy, and planning.

In addition, Gina hosts a popular Wei Bo (the Chinese equivalent of Twitter) with 3.2 million followers, sharing her observations about Lenovo and the world.
Gina has been with Lenovo since 1990 and is currently headquartered in Beijing.

Yolanda Conyers

Yolanda Conyers is passionate about bringing people together to solve problems faced by big businesses. A 25-year-plus high-tech industry veteran, Yolanda’s first book, The Lenovo Way – Managing a Diverse Global Company for Optimal Performance, reveals the challenges behind Lenovo’s strategy to go global and how the company overcame them during its acquisition of IBM’s personal computer division and its iconic ThinkPad product line in 2005.

Equipped with a strong technical and business background, Yolanda is the vice president of global human resources and the chief diversity officer at Lenovo. In addition to founding the first-ever diversity office for a company of Chinese heritage, she has transformed Lenovo’s day-to-day human resources operations by ensuring consistency of processes, systems and data for a complex global company with employees in more than 60 nations. Yolanda supports nine executive committee members: HR; Marketing; Legal; Finance; Strategy; Research & Technology; IT, Services; and a new business – Lenovo Capital Incubator Group, which invests in start-ups for Lenovo.

She has been with the company since 2007, previously working at Dell. Conyers is based in Austin, Texas

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What Our Readers Say

In this book, the authors pull back the covers and give incredible insights into this fascinating organization of the future, sharing a blueprint that others can adapt in order to be a truly global organization.

DAVE ULRICH Ross School of Business, University of Michigan Author of HR Transformation and The Why of Work

If you want to grow your business and turn global opportunity into reality, read The Lenovo Way. From the new generation of female leadership, this book shares important business lessons for a global world.

CAROL EVANS President, Working Mother Media

Through groundbreaking and innovative leadership, Lenovo has proven that 'soft' values can lead to huge profits. The Lenovo Way shows how they did it--and how you can too.

MARSHALL GOLDSMITH Author of the New York Times bestseller What Got You Here Won't Get You There

In The Lenovo Way, authors Gina Qiao and Yolanda Conyers have mapped a course to success for future global leaders.

DEBORAH GILLIS President and CEO, Catalyst

The Lenovo Way is a must read for leaders who are seeking to apply global leadership attributes in a dynamic global marketplace. Read it!

RONALD C. PARKER President and CEO, the Executive Leadership Council & Foundation former SVP of HR and Chief Global Diversity Officer, PepsiCo

Through vivid storytelling and filled with practical takeaways, The Lenovo Way shows, step by step, how this nimble company has become such a global player--and how their innovative team is on the cutting edge of best business practices.

DAVE DUFFIELD Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board, Workday

The Lenovo Way shows leaders and managers of any kind of business how prioritizing diversity truly leads to growth and success.

JOHN HALEY CEO, Towers Watson