Empowering Our Girls to Choose STEM Careers

By September 7, 2015 Blog

More than 80 percent of the jobs created in the next decade will require knowledge of technology. So what that means is that pretty much any type of job or work the next generation chooses to do, having a technology understanding will be key to their success. Yet, today, teenage girls use computers and the internet at the same rate as boys, yet do not pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and math fields.

Here are a few startling facts about the decline of girls in STEM                                                                                     STEM

Facts about women and STEM:
1. ‘The female participation rate for engineering, computer sciences and engineering is 30 percent or less in some of the world’s largest economies.
2. Women’s representation in computer occupations has steadily declined since the 1990s.
3. Girls are taking many high level mathematics and science courses at similar rates as their male peers, with the exception of physics and engineering, and are performing well overall. However, gaps in mathematics and science achievement persist for minority and low-income students.

What can we do to change this pattern?